Paks nuclear power plant, Hungary

Paks nuclear power plant, Hungary

ŠKODA JS has been a supplier of the Paks NPP in Hungary since the nuclear power plant’s construction in 1980-1987. There are four units operated at the power plant, with all of them successfully running VVER 440 / V-213 reactors produced and supplied by ŠKODA JS. Over the years, we have supplied control rod drives, intermediate rods, tensioners and neutron in-core measurement channels to all four units at the power plant. We have also performed regular in-service inspections of the reactor pressure vessels.

reaktorový sál JE Paks - blok ochranných trub

In 2015, we won the tender for the replacement of the instrumentation and control systems at all units of Paks NPP. This is a very interesting and extensive “turnkey” modernization project. ŠKODA JS is replacing the previous reactor control systems, reactor rod control systems and shutdown switches from the original Russian supplier with modern, digital equipment. ŠKODA JS acts as the general supplier and creator of both the Basic and Detail Design concept. We apply our ability to effectively manage projects in an international environment, with deliveries by the Czech company ZAT a.s. and activities provided by Hungarian companies integrated into a single supply chain management model.

In 2018, Unit 3 at Paks NPP underwent modernization, with the newly installed equipment successfully commissioned in June. The trial run of the commissioned units confirmed the reliability and safety of our equipment. In mid-2019, ŠKODA JS completed the modernization, and the final modifications of the nuclear power plant simulator for staff training and the unification of the units will have been completed by 2020.

The history of our cooperation

The timeline of our cooperation with Paks NPP

První tlaková nádoba reaktoru VVER 440 vyrobená v nově postavené Reaktorové hale v Plzni pro JE Paks

1980-1987 construction of Paks NPP:
ŠKODA JS in the role of supplier of components, including the production and supervision of reactor assembly at all four units

pohony orgánů řídicích tyčí

2011-2012we supplied 83 control rod drives

utahovací jednotka EZ 650

2008we supplied the MKM-3 control rod drive tension meter and the EZ 650 reactor flange joint stud tensioner

velín JE Paks

2016-2020ŠKODA JS acts as the general supplier of the turnkey project “Paks NPP Instrumentation and Control System Replacement.

Interesting numbers

380 control rod drives (1980-2012)
310 intermediate rods (1980-2007)
2 reactor main flange joint stud tensioners (for units 1, 2 – 1982; for units 3, 4 – 1984)
1 MKM-3 control rod drive tension meter (2008)