ŠKODA JS a.s. provides its customers with calculation analyses defined based on the current needs of nuclear power plants resulting from safety and service requirements.


We focus not only on reactor component calculations, but also calculations related to other operational units of nuclear power plants. The responsibility of the Department of Calculations is to perform comprehensive, multidisciplinary calculation analyses. To successfully accomplish this goal, we develop calculation analyses in four main areas – strength and lifetime calculations, thermo-hydraulic calculations, radiation safety-related calculations, and last but not least, reactor physics calculations. These areas also correspond with the structure of the individual calculation departments at ŠKODA JS a.s. These departments actively communicate with one another and thus create a multidisciplinary, comprehensive insight into the problems they deal with.

The history of calculations for the nuclear power industry dates back to 1956. Over the years, calculations have transformed based on the current industry needs. Calculations played a significant role in creating pre-operational safety documentation, commissioning and subsequent implementation of the individual fuel types at Slovak and Czech nuclear power plants. The development in calculation requirements goes hand in hand with requirements for the development of calculation methods. A radical change came with the advent of information and computer technology, which represented a significant boost for analytical calculations. Further development of calculations in the field of nuclear engineering thus required the development of software tools. This laid the foundations for creating the company’s own software. ŠKODA JS started to intensively work on the development of its own software, which over time successfully transformed into modern, currently used software, which is applied at ŠKODA JS a.s. as well as at nuclear power plants, where it is regularly upgraded. Thanks to the detailed knowledge of the internal structure of our software products and historical development, we are able to apply new findings in science and technology to current industrial practice.

The Department of Calculations is currently able to carry out a wide range of analyses using both commercial as well as the company’s own, proprietary software products. It responds to our business partners’ current demands and ensures continual support for other departments of all divisions of ŠKODA JS a.s.

Significant milestones in our recent history

termohydraulické výpočty - rychlostní pole

1994-2014Licensing of the SCORPIO reactor core surveillance system with the neutron physics and thermal hydraulics module by the ŠKODA Company

First implementation of the SCORPIO system at the Bohunice NPP

Commencement of cooperation on the optimization of VVER reactor fuel charge

výpočty - zatížení vnitřního koše kontejneru

1999-2014Preparation of data for the pre-operational safety inspection and report at the Temelín NPP

Launch of technical support for the Dukovany NPP in the sense of periodically recurring activities

Dukovany NPP pre-operational safety report for first-generation GD fuel

výpočty - výstup programu COSMOS

1999-2014Modernization of the SCORPIO system at the Dukovany and Bohunice NPPs

Launch of developmental activities under the umbrella term “NPP fuel cycle optimization”

Preparing data for the pre-operational safety report for the Temelín NPP operating at an increased 104% of its power output


1999-2014Calculations for radiological implications of hypothetical accidents at the Dukovany and Temelín NPPs

Beginning of cooperation with EDU on the periodic activity “Operational Support in Designing Fuel Charges”

Beginning of cooperation with the Temelín NPP on the periodic activity “Operational Support for the Temelín NPP”


2012-2016A general contract concluded with EDU entitled “Effective Control of the Core Section of the Fuel Cycle at the Dukovany NPP”


2014-2017Conclusion of a general agreement on the development of cooperation with ČEZ entitled “Fuel Cycle Development and Meeting Operational Needs of Reactors Operated by ČEZ”


2015-2018Provision of support in preparing the pre-operational safety report for TVSA-T mod.2 fuel


2015-2019Preparing calculation documentation for the purpose of licensing the ŠKODA 1000/19, ŠKODA 1000/19M and ŠKODA 440/19 casks