The Power of Nuclear engineering.

We are one of the leaders of the nuclear power industry in Europe. Since 1956, we have relied on the experience, knowledge and technical skills of our people as well as on our triangular business model – engineering, production and service, thanks to which we are a strategic and reliable partner for the major players in the nuclear power industry within the entire life cycle of a nuclear power plant.

Our fields of activity

Our business is based on three pillars, thanks to which we can offer a wide range of products and services.


ŠKODA JS is a strategic and reliable partner in deliveries of complex investment projects, general contracts as well as technically specific engineering projects.

The main focus of our activity is modernization projects, deliveries of safety and control systems, engineering calculations, etc. We want to take part in the construction of new European nuclear units in, for example, Finland, Hungary, Turkey as well as in the domestic market in the Czech Republic.


For more than 40 years, we have specialized in the production of VVER-type pressurized water (PWR) reactors. At the beginning of the 1990s, we focused on the modernization and lifetime extension of existing components as well as on the supply of spare parts.

We constantly innovate, invest in new technologies and work with unique materials. We develop and manufacture custom-made nuclear power plant equipment.


We are the general contractor for primary circuit equipment maintenance and repairs at the Temelín and Dukovany Nuclear Power Plants.

Thanks to the three pillars of our company, we can offer a comprehensive solution to a technical challenge, and we have a number of unique projects under our belt.